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Elegant Faux Finishes by Meg
Services Available

Services Available

Faux finishes, and decorative finishes in a range of products from real Venetian lime plaster, to trowelled on architectural products that produce results from soft and subtle elegant finishes, to old world distressed plasters and glazes, to looks of faux leather, rawhide or animal hides, like elephant, zebra, leopard, ostrich, and reptiles.

Techniques include: Antiquing, colorwashing with single or multiple glaze colors, strie for a combed vertical look, woodgraining, marbling, tortoise shell and precious stones like lapis lazuli, faux bricks, stone walls, leather and gilding.

Modellos, or other all over stencil work on doors, floors, or furniture.

Furniture and decorative accessories can be renewed and updated with refinishing, and a variety of decorative applications of products and images to include verdigris finishes, crackled finishes, antiquing, decoupage images, bas relief, and architectural decorative moldings.

Marblizing countertops to reflect current décor without the expense of replacement.

Architectural wood trim to enhance walls behind sconces..

JansenArt Traditions non-toxic paints are used exclusively in childrens murals!.

Only the highest quality products from companies like Modern Masters, Benjamin Moore, Adicolor, Faux Effects, and Zinser are used for use for outstanding performance to the customer.
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